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If menopause is causing unpleasant disruptions to your physical health, we would like to offer you ways to better manage your feminine health at Amour Medical Aesthetics. When hormone levels (like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone) change throughout the stages of menopause, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms. Dr. David Alonso helps menopausal women look and feel their best, including the use of the nonsurgical vaginal wellness procedure, MonaLisa Touch®.

What Are the Benefits of Menopause Treatment?

There may be several reasons a patient would seek comprehensive menopause treatment at Amour Medical Aesthetics. Menopause treatment at our Chico, CA practice offers a range of benefits for women struggling with the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany menopause. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Enhanced overall quality of life
  • Minimized symptoms regarding sleep and mood
  • Relief from uncomfortable symptoms associated with intercourse, such as itching, burning, and vaginal dryness

Am I a Candidate for Menopause Treatment?

Patients who are perimenopausal or menopausal and have difficulty tolerating the symptoms of menopause can benefit from menopause treatment at Amour Medical Aesthetics. You may also be a good candidate for menopause treatment if you have fluctuating estrogen levels or are postmenopausal and need help managing your medications.

There are many symptoms that women experience during menopause, including vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy symptoms include dryness, itching, vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, urinary urgency, incontinence, and burning sensations. If you are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy, Dr. David Alonso at Amour Medical Aesthetics can help. Options for restoring your vaginal wellness will vary, depending on your health and medical history. Dr. Alonso will help determine whether a minimally invasive nonsurgical procedure, like MonaLisa Touch laser therapy, or other vaginal wellness treatments are appropriate for your health. The MonaLisa Touch system uses laser technology to relieve vaginal atrophy symptoms related to decreased hormone production. During this treatment, the laser device is gently inserted into the vagina, and the laser energy stimulates new collagen production throughout the vaginal wall. The treatment takes about five minutes, and patients can resume their regular activity immediately following their appointment. Abstaining from sexual intercourse is recommended for three days following treatment. Contact Amour Medical Aesthetics in Chico, CA to learn more about your vaginal wellness options.


Dr. Alonso has been my doctor for about 9 years and has been wonderful. I am a retired Nurse Practitioner and have complete confidence in his clinical knowledge, patient care and teaching skills. He listens to me which is vital. I feel very fortunate to have him manage my health.

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Just love the staff! Anyone wanting good service go to this place!

R.V. Google

So many different options available for my needs and reasonable prices. Everyone was very courteous and answered all my questions professionally.

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This was my first time at Amour and loved it, the staff were all very nice. I walked away with a good future plan (I am almost 60 and had some problem areas). I saw nurse Brooke, she was very knowledgable and explained everything she was doing and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend Brooke and Amour Aesthetics!

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I recently received an RF Microneedling treatment from Nurse Brooke. She was extremely knowledgeable, explained the process and answered all my questions. The staff were very nice and I thought they had a great selection of services they offered.

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If you are experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause, Dr. David Alonso at Amour Medical Aesthetics can help. Contact our office in Chico, CA to learn more about laser treatments for vaginal atrophy with MonaLisa Touch.



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