What Can Be Done to Improve Pelvic Health?

By: Dr. David Alonso


With age, childbirth, and other life events, many women begin to notice changes in their sexual health and/or urinary control. This is often related to weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles but can also be associated with natural hormone fluctuations or menopause. At Amour Medical Aesthetics in Chico, CA, board-certified physician and wellness expert Dr. David Alonso believes that every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident about her intimate health, and is proud to offer a wide range of female sexual health treatments to help restore function and satisfaction alike. Here, you’ll learn more about which pelvic health treatments may be right for you, and what results you can expect over time.

What is female sexual dysfunction?

There are many symptoms associated with female sexual dysfunction, and they can vary significantly in severity and nature from patient to patient. Some of the most common concerns regarding sexual health and intimacy that develop as a woman ages include:

  • Vaginal dryness (decreased vaginal lubrication)
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Low sex drive
  • Decreased sensitivity/sensation in intimate areas
  • Weaker orgasms
  • Inability to achieve orgasm

In addition to sexual dysfunction, many women also experience urinary leakage – or stress urinary incontinence – as a result of age, childbirth via vaginal delivery, and weakened pelvic floor muscles overall. Both sexual function and continence are included in a woman’s overall pelvic health.

What nonsurgical treatments help female pelvic health?

For women who desire better urinary control and a more pleasing sexual experience, Dr. Alonso offers the following nonsurgical female pelvic health treatments:

  • EMSELLA® Chair: This treatment, which can be performed with the patient fully clothed, stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with an effect equivalent to 10,000 Kegel contractions in a single 30-minute session. EMSELLA treatment is primarily used to strengthen the bladder and pelvic floor muscles for improved urinary control.
  • MonaLisa Touch®: By delivering fractional CO2 laser heat energy to the tissues and structures around and within the vagina, the MonaLisa Touch system helps to encourage collagen production and tighten loose or weakened structures. With a MonaLisa Touch treatment, women can enjoy increased vaginal lubrication, improved orgasms, heightened sexual sensations, and other benefits.
  • Alma Duo™: Now available for women as well as men, Alma Duo works to enhance female sexual function and experience through low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT), which stimulates increased blood flow to the vaginal tissues.

How often will I need pelvic health treatments?

The frequency of your female sexual health treatments will depend on which treatment system is used, the nature and severity of your presenting symptoms, and other factors. On average, patients can expect to have a repeat round of “maintenance” treatment about once per year to keep their results reliable and consistent, but again, this can vary from person to person. During your initial consultation for female sexual dysfunction or incontinence in Chico, CA, Dr. Alonso will thoroughly discuss your symptoms and concerns in order to create a customized treatment plan and schedule that best meets your unique needs. With proper treatment and an experienced provider, you can join the many women who have transformed their pelvic health without the need for surgery.

Boost your intimate experience with female pelvic wellness treatments in Chico, CA

Whether you are embarrassed about urinary leakage or have concerns about declining sexual function, we can help. Take the first step toward feeling comfortable and confident once again by calling Amour Medical Aesthetics in Chico, CA to schedule your private and discreet consultation with board-certified physician Dr. David Alonso today.

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