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What Is Nonsurgical Body Sculpting?

Even though you work hard at diet and exercise, you may have areas of concern when it comes to looking fit and toned. The team at Amour Medical Aesthetics offers the SculpSure® nonsurgical body sculpting treatment as a way to strengthen and tone specific muscle groups. The treatments are ideal for people with trouble spots, like the belly, love handles, back, thighs, and under the chin, that seem resistant to diet and exercise. If you want to achieve a more toned shape without spending hours at the gym, then we invite you to arrange a consultation at our office to learn more about nonsurgical body sculpting in Chico, CA.

How Does Nonsurgical Body Sculpting Work?

During a consultation at Amour Medical Aesthetics, we will learn about your goals and create a personalized plan to target your areas of concern. Once you're relaxed comfortably, your technician will place the treatment device over desired body areas. The treatments usually last about 25 minutes. Patients describe feeling deep warmth and tingling during the treatments. Following nonsurgical body contouring, you can expect to have little downtime, if any.

non evasive body sculpting and facial rejuvenation to Make you look and feel younger and healthier. Have a consultation with Dr Alonso

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What Are the Benefits of Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Nonsurgical body contouring is advantageous for those who have had a difficult time attaining their ideal figure despite exercise and diet. Amour Medical Aesthetics is home to a talented staff with years of experience utilizing this procedure to provide benefits to patients in Chico, CA, including:

  • No downtime after treatment
  • Long-lasting results
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Reduction of unwanted fat tissue
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Remove Stubborn Fat Nonsurgically

It can be difficult to get the body you want when you're dealing with stubborn fatty areas that won't seem to budge. Nonsurgical body sculpting by SculpSure is a highly personalized treatment that is designed to tone your muscles and contour your figure by stimulating thousands of muscle contractions. Get in touch with Amour Medical Aesthetics in Chico, CA to book a consultation, and see if this body contouring procedure is ideal for you.

Should I get SculpSure, another laser-assisted body sculpting treatment, or traditional liposuction?
There are several laser body sculpting methods available on the market, and the technology for their respective procedures continues to improve. SculpSure includes the newest innovations in laser lipolysis, which makes it more powerful than other platforms that may require more than one treatment session. It stands out from traditional liposuction techniques because it is not invasive.
Will SculpSure give me scars?
Will SculpSure give me scars?
Unlike regular body contouring or lipo procedures, laser-assisted SculpSure requires no incisions in the skin, meaning individuals who choose this method will have no scars. The SculpSure device is set on a frequency that breaks down fat cells at the treatment site but not the nearby tissues.
Does the fat come back after SculpSure?
SculpSure uses laser energy to eradicate fat cells. Once these cells are destroyed, it takes about three months for them to be removed from the body. While these fat cells cannot return, it is important to understand that the remaining, neighboring fat cells can become larger. Therefore, it's important to adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle so you can maintain your results after undergoing SculpSure.
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