Hate Your Double Chin? Here Is the Best Way to Get Rid of It Without Surgery

By: Dr. David Alonso


There are exercises that help tone most areas of your body, but even if you’ve attained a healthy weight, you can’t really spot-target a stubborn double chin. Read more to learn how SculpSure® offers an effective, nonsurgical solution.

Diet and exercise alone aren’t always enough to help you achieve your perfect body. The truth is that stubborn fat can persist despite all of your efforts. You can even reach your ideal body weight while hanging on to frustrating bulges, like a double chin.

SculpSure®? laser energy system is a noninvasive, effective, and convenient solution to the double chin you just can’t get rid of on your own. The team at Armour Medical Aesthetics Inc. wants to help you look and feel your best, which is why we offer SculpSure® at our Chico, California, office. Led by Dr. David Alonso, we provide compassionate care and a personalized treatment plan so you regain confidence in your appearance.

Stubborn fat

Your body creates fat cells twice in your life: during development in the uterus and during puberty. And while successful weight loss results in the reduction in the amount of fat in each cell, it doesn’t reduce the number of fat cells themselves.

A double chin can be particularly frustrating to try to treat on your own. There aren’t really exercises that can tone that part of the body, and the fat there can be resistant to dieting. You may be unhappy when you look in the mirror and feel as though your double chin ages you.

Advanced science behind laser lipolysis

SculpSure uses laser lipolysis to rid your body of unwanted fat. Its innovative and effective technology was the first FDA-cleared treatment for permanently destroying fat cells, and it’s also safe to use on submental fat — in your chin and neck.

Laser lipolysis works by delivering laser energy to fat cells below the surface of your skin. It heats and damages these fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Because SculpSure’s laser energy can safely penetrate to deeper tissue, it helps create a more natural-looking result. It’s especially effective on localized fat bulges, such as a double chin.

After the fat cells are damaged, your body’s lymphatic system absorbs and then eliminates them over time. Once your body has gotten rid of them, they’re gone for good. This is an advantage SculpSure has over exercising and dieting, which can only shrink the size of your adipose tissue. Laser fat reduction permanently removes the fat cells.

It takes time for your body to process and eliminate the damaged fat cells, but results are usually noticeable about six weeks after a SculpSure treatment session. You see optimal results in about three months.

SculpSure treatments

The Amour Medical Aesthetics team takes great care to listen to your concerns and develop a plan that maximizes your results. How many SculpSure sessions are required to most effectively reduce your double chin depends on your goals, but two or three treatments are typical.

Each SculpSure session is quick, comfortable, and convenient. You may feel a warming or tingling sensation, but SculpSure’s advanced cooling system ensures that the laser energy painlessly destroys the fat cells beneath your skin. The 25-minute session may even be relaxing, and you can read or watch TV while the device does all of the work for you.

Because SculpSure is noninvasive and does not require anesthesia, you won’t need to do any advanced preparation or take time off for recovery. There also are no risks of infection or scarring, as with surgery. You can just walk out of the office and go back to your regular day, knowing that your double chin is melting away.

To maintain your more defined jaw area, you should maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine so that fat doesn’t increase in the untreated cells.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your hated double chin, or you want to learn more about SculpSure, contact Amour Medical Aesthetics by phone or online.

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