3 Reasons More Women Than Ever Are Choosing MonaLisa Touch®

By: Dr. David Alonso


More women than ever are turning to MonaLisa Touch®? to treat vaginal atrophy, an often painful and always annoying consequence of menopause, cancer therapies, or any condition that causes estrogen levels to drop. Dr. David Alonso of Amour Medical Aesthetics is a MonaLisa Touch®? expert who can help alleviate the symptoms of vaginal atrophy and make you feel more like yourself again.

What is vaginal atrophy?

Vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA) is a common but poorly understood medical condition that affects more than 64 million postmenopausal women in the United States, studies show.  Left untreated, VVA is chronic and progressive. The condition not only is uncomfortable, but it also can affect sexual relationships, emotional well-being, and even the clothes and exercise you choose.

VVA symptoms

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy are unpleasant and can affect your quality of life. They include:

Vaginal dryness, burning, and discharge

Genital itching

Burning, urgency, and frequency of urination

Increased urinary tract infections and incontinence

Discomfort and light bleeding after intercourse

Decreased vaginal lubrication

What’s more, studies indicate that women often don’t associate these vaginal symptoms with menopause or hormonal changes. If you notice these concerns, don’t be embarrassed to talk with your doctor and discuss treatments.

What is MonaLisa Touch®??

Treatment options for VVA depend on your health and medical history. Many women turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), topical treatments, or surgical options to treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. However, there’s an innovative, nonsurgical procedure that’s growing in popularity: MonaLisa Touch®?.

MonaLisa Touch®? is an in-office procedure that uses fractional CO2 laser energy to relieve vaginal atrophy symptoms. The laser is gently inserted into your vagina and penetrates the tissue of your vaginal wall, stimulating new collagen production and increasing lubrication and blood flow.

3 reasons women are choosing MonaLisa Touch®?

More and more women are turning to MonaLisa Touch®? to address the painful, distressing symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Here’s what impresses our patients:

It’s fast

MonaLisa Touch®? treatments are quick. Each session takes about 5 minutes.

It’s painless

Most patients feel a little vibration during MonaLisa Touch®? treatments, but no pain. If you desire, your doctor can apply an anesthetic cream to minimize any chance of discomfort.

There’s no downtime

You can go back to work and other normal activities immediately after treatment. You also can resume sexual activity within days after your MonaLisa Touch®? session.

In addition to these benefits, side effects, if any, are minor. You may experience minor itching, burning, redness, or swelling directly after the procedure, but these issues pass quickly.

Dr. Alonso specializes in helping women look and feel their best. If you suffer from VVA, he can help you decide if MonaLisa Touch®? laser therapy is right for you. Call the office today — 530-862-6000 — or use online booking anytime to schedule an appointment to discuss your vaginal wellness options at Amour Medical Aesthetics

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